• Christmas Cookies with an Ayurvedic spin

    I’m typing this whilst baking soda bread and trying out a Christmas cookie recipe to have on the beach tomorrow morning when we will watch the sun come up on the Winter Solstice after taking..

  • Little sweet treats – Cardamom Cookies

    I apologise for the lack of posting during lockdown. I’ll be honest, home schooling, dealing with the world, running my business and teaching online had my cup brimming over….but I have developed a few new..

  • Pancake day!

    Pancakes are a regular feature in our household, it’s a regular weekend breakfast for my little boy and I. We make them vegan, savoury, sweet, plain and simple and Ayurvedic with a few key spices...

  • Coconut cookies

    As promised to my insta friends, here is the recipe for the coconut cookies I made last night. Coconut is great for cooling pitta and keep the hangry feelings at bay, pitta is also pacified..

  • Slow cooker lover

    As probably 90% of my clients will testify, I am a big fan of the slow cooker. I find a big stumbling block for my clients (and myself) is finding the time to cook ayurvedically...

  • Retreat day buzz and slapdash chai!

    I’m still a little high from my ayurveda and yoga retreat day this past weekend. I just had the best day with 20 amazing women. We practiced yoga, chanted mantra, meditated, walked the grounds of..

  • Vata season recipe to soothe and ground

    We are currently deep in Vata season and with that comes all the blessings and challenges of heightened Vata. Vata is the ‘queen of the doshas’ mainly because Vata governs all movement and therefore the..

  • Rasa – the taste of life

    We don’t normally think of taste as having healing properties of being therapeutic, food yes but taste? Not so much. According to Ayurveda, the taste of a herb is not incidental, it is an indication..