What is Ayurveda

AYURVEDA is a 2000-5000 year-old holistic healing modality. The word Ayurveda literally translates as the science of life.

The goal of ayurveda is not (as some may believe) to be as healthy as possible but to be as HAPPY as possible (and of course health is a major factor in that). Ayurveda uses herbs, diet and one’s overall life style to achieve this goal.

Knowledge of Ayurveda will empower you to take control of your life and create balance of body, mind and consciousness according to your own unique constitution (Prakruti)

  • What is my constitution or dosha?

    In Ayurveda, every individual has a unique combination of physical, mental and emotional characteristics, which is his or her constitution.

    In Ayurveda everything is composed of Air, Space, Fire, Water and Earth. The predominance of these elements affects the three metabolic characteristics of individuals, which are referred to as Doshas.
    These three Doshas are Vata, Pitta and Kapha and individuals can be classified as one of these three constitutions or as a combination of two or even three of the Doshas. Every individual is unique and therefore so is the treatment and approach. A consult will help determine your dosha but more importantly, where there is an imbalance in your dosha and how to correct it.

  • Why choose Ayurveda?

    The goal of Ayurveda Falmouth is to help individuals embrace the strengths of their Doshas while at the same time identifying and correcting imbalance in the doshas, which is the cause of many illnesses and stress.

    This will possibly involve a mixture of herbs, diet and lifestyle advice. Ayurveda is NOT a quick fix, it focuses on treating the cause of the illness of imbalance not the symptoms and this requires commitment from both the patient and the practitioner to work together to bring balance back into the body and mind and ultimately to live a happier and healthier existence.

  • What does a consult involve?

    Your first consulation with Keren at Ayurveda Falmouth will take between 1-1.5 hours and will involve a thorough conversation to determine your unique dosha, any imbalances, your health concerns and then the development of a health program which may involve a mixture of herbs, diet changes and lifestyle advice. It is suggested to have at least three consultations over the course of two months, follow up consultations will take around 45 minutes.

  • What type of things can a consult help with?

    Keren is a qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner with a herbal prescribing license. She can help with many imbalances including:

    • skin disorders
    • weight issues
    • insomnia
    • headaches
    • stress and anxiety
    • aches and pains in muscles & joints
    • digestive disorders
    • seasonal disorders (colds, flu, hayfever etc)
    • women’s health

    Keren is not able to treat children, infertility, mental health or cancer of any kind. She can certainly recommend senior Ayurvedic Drs to help work alongside your medical team within these areas.

  • What treatments are on offer?

    Treatments currently on offer include shiroabhyanga, an ayurvedic Indian head massage technique using marma points. This treatments is tridoshic but particularly good for settling excess vata. Highly recommended if you are suffering from headaches, migraines, anxiety, insomnia, stress and tension in the head, neck and shoulders

    Padaabhyanga (Ayurvedic reflexology and massage) is an excellent treatment choice for those with a pitta imbalance or suffering from any heat related issues. Working again with specific marma points this treatment is recommended for those suffering from headaches, migraines, insomnia, stress, acne, eczema, hay fever, pitta related illness and for general relaxation.

Click below for the Banyan Botanicals Dosha Quiz. While no quiz will be as accurate as a consultation, this one is pretty good!

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